Saturday, March 19, 2011

What Happened To My Post? Spring Break Goals Pt. 1

Alright, something happened to a post of mine. I mean I spent over an hour crafting this single blog post. I never spend that much time on my posts, but this one was well articulated and one that I thought would provide a great deal of comments and feedback. I *thought* it was posted on Monday night before leaving for Chicago. I was so excited to get home on Wednesday night to read all the comments.

I had none.

I was bummed out. How could this post not grab a single comment? Yesterday, I realized after paying closer attention to my history on my blog that the post was lost. It was never posted and all they typing and crafting was lost.

I am even more mad because I was going to update my progress on this post.

The post was essentially my To Do List of things to get done over Spring Break. And now that it is almost over I was going to update the list. I had 33 things I wanted to get done.

Now I will attempt to make quick modified list and add some things I am working on for the next week.

1. Pick up dog poop. I knew that would grab your attention. When the snow melts it is amazing at how many gifts are left in the yard from my two dogs. Not a fun job, but one that must be done to allow the kids a safe run in our backyard. And let me tell you using a Wal-Mart bag as a glove to help pick up the raked piles of poo and grass and leaves is AWESOME!!

2. Library. We made several trips, but more importantly 30 cd's came in that I had put on hold to prepare myself for the Dave Matthews Band Caravan this summer which is a 3 day festival of bands and DMB. I have much music to get caught up on as I have not listened to half the bands on the bills. Really digging Delta Spirit right now.

3. Clean up basement. Also accomplished. It was getting messy and I realized this after viewing the backdrop in a few of my videos I made. I cleaned and picked up and also working on a Green Screen to use with my learning of

4. Final Cut Pro - This is a professional editing software that I want to learn. My big manual came in the mail so it is time to begin to learn all the cool things I can do with video. So excited.

5. Organize the books in my office that I have read, need to read, keep, get rid of, etc. This was a long process, but all is posted here. Feel free to request books in the post.

6. Type up Marathon Training Week 4 Report. Still not done yet.

7. Get five runs in this week. 4 mile with strides, 7 mile hill, 4 mile easy, 4 mile with MP, 13 mile LSD. Not gonna happen, but will have three runs in hopefully by tomorrow.

Due to time restraints this morning. I will continue this post with some more things that I need to get done in the remaining days of my Spring Break.
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