Friday, April 15, 2011

Becoming more Bit Literate

A few days back I posted about how this weekend I am going to apply some of my recent learning from both the Flat Classroom Teacher class and also from the book Bit Literacy.

 In my previous post I mentioned how I am moving one of my email accounts down to 0.

Every single email will be sorted and deleted.

This is crazy. This is going to be so hard.

I am going to start with my one email account that has an email dating back to 09/2009.

I start tonight.

I still need your help. What is a good To Do List type app/program? I am looking for one that is simple to use and syncs between my mac, ipad, and phone, and possibly even one that I can add to my PLN(Personal Learning Network)

I have iProcrastinate, but have not had time to fully use and play around with it.

As stated in the book, "Completion is when the todo is done, and checked off the todo list."

I have many to check off my list and it is time to get better organized. 

It starts today. 

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