Sunday, April 10, 2011

Flat Classroom Teacher Certification Course - Challenge 3

    Challenge #3: Connect and Reflect

    Do after: Module 2 Communication
    Do: Research one or two of the connecting organizations mentioned in this section. (Join if you wish.) 
    Share: Reflect on your blog what you have learned and comment on at least two other blogs about this topic. Make sure that you tag your post!
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    For this challenge I have decided to go with a connecting organization that I am currently involved with. At least I believe it is a connecting organization as I struggled to identify what exactly a "connecting organization" really is in terms of the chapter. The one that I am using now is called the Lunchbox Project. 

    Here is a link

    This is a very awesome program/organization where several classrooms have joined together to learn about one another through the aspect of food. Food is the essential topic question, but as we continue to Skype and interact with countries from around the world we are learning so much more. I have left several comments on many blogs about this project either with the teachers involved or over on my Posterous sites and wiki.

    All links here

    We have interacted with a variety of students, backgrounds, religions, ages, languages etc. The learning is too much to post here, but for the sake of stating something here in the blog we are learning how unique we all are and at the same time how much we have in common. We are also understanding that the world does not operate the way we do here in America. We are behind in some aspects and way ahead in others. The students have had their eyes opened to the world and are viewing thoughts, ideas, people, etc. in a whole new perspective. On a side note we are currently in the process of making a cooking show to show others how to make some classic American meals.

    Until next time when I post on Challenge 4

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