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Flat Classroom Teacher Certification Course - Module 2 - Synchronous and Asynchronous Communicaiton

Challenge #4: Communicate With New Tools

Do after: Module 2 Communication
Do: Select an asynchronous tool and a synchronous tool discussed in this section, use each of them (preferably with a partner.)
Share: Reflect upon it on your blog. 
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One of the challenges this week or for this module was to use both asynchronous and synchronous tools. In case you are not sure what I mean I will try to explain them in very simple terms.

Asynchronous - communication method, but just not live and in person like me posting here to this blog, posting on Twitter(maybe a case for synchronous could be made), wikis, etc.

Synchronous - communicating in real time like Skype, chats, and any other type of live meetings.

I have used many of these tools already. So I will briefly discuss my uses of some of these tools

I have operated this blog now for a few years as tool to connect with students who are outside of my ELP program. I still wanted that connection I had from when I taught 6th grade. I started to use this blog for my first global connection in social studies as students in my class and other countries could post topics on questions. It has developed from there and now I use it for a variety of things from book reviews, making videos, showcasing students, personal stories, professional posts, and about everything else in between. I love it!

Wikis I have also used and have a good one operating right now at This one has really taken off this year since it was first created. It is probably my biggest sense of achievement this year. I hope to expand the wiki and continue to take the projects there to a higher level as time goes on. You will see other tools used here like posting videos back and forth, writing letters, etc.

For this class I will be developing a new wiki for a language arts extension starting Thursday. This wiki will allow me to work on creating my PLN and my CMP and also to help teach students how to operate their own wiki page. I am very excited and will share out my discoveries doing this as we start it up this week. I am excited and nervous.

Twitter is my addiction. @coffeechugbooks is my handle and I go here to learn. I have learned more from Twitter this year than I have in all my years in college. What a great place to find exactly what you quickly. It is perfect for my short attention span.

From my wiki you will see that I have used Skype quite a bit this year. I try to record all my sessions. I have found Skype to be a great tool to use to work with other teachers. Communication is far more easier than email sometimes so I have Skyped with teachers to work on projects, exchange ideas, and to prepare for a future project.

I am dabbling in the Elluminate world, but have not had the confidence or need yet to run one on my own. This is my next goal by changing a project for next year where students will have to use this to present their projects as opposed to just Skype. One thing at a time, but it is on my list.

#4 BONUS! Set up a Collaborative Calendar

Do after: Module 2 Communication
Do: Set up and test an online appointment scheduling service for you.
Share: Link with at least one other educator in another time zone. Those who use Google Calendar may link to their account if the service provides that feature. 
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I do have a calendar set up on my wiki

It is supposed to be interactive where students and parents can post items. However, I don't think the comfort zone is quite there with my parents. I almost need to have a technology class for my parents to show them everything. I have offered the parents to join the wiki and share resources and this too has not happened.

 I am also using TimeBridge. I made a mistake somehow and sent out an invite to everyone is ALL of my contact lists. What a nightmare that was! I did just use this to set up a meeting with a teacher in France and will also be using this again to set up a book club meeting. I am learning more and more and just need to find out what I need and not just use them to use.
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