Monday, April 4, 2011

Painting the Rooms to get ready for lil' Hoosier #3

My wife is ready to go with little one #3 in about 5 weeks. 5 weeks and we have not accomplished very much. Something about being the third child where things change. We are not the nervous nellies like we were with Aiden. We are not wasting money on stupid things that we now know are dumb, don't work, or really serve no purpose.

With that being said, the stress was settling in our household and this weekend I had better get those rooms painted and fixed up. Our house has a third bedroom, but it is in the basement so for a few years yet Addy and #3 will be sharing a room. For that to happen, Aiden and Addy had to switch rooms because Aiden had the bigger room with two closets. He was not very happy, but I think he is realizing how lucky he is to have his own place.

We let them pick out the paint colors(Amanda did have some persuasion tactics in effect) after their new be comforters came in. Aiden chose this spider bed comforter which was the turning point in persuading him to switch rooms.

Saturday morning we set off to work. Aiden stuck around for a little bit helping me out. Addy was stuck to my side all weekend. She is a great helper and my little shadow.

Here we are in the soon to be girls room

The shade is a medium blue that we used for Aiden. At this point I have moved some things so you don't get to see the chaos of his room, but at least you get to see the color.

Aiden help with the covers

The kid loves tools so he was great help.

As I was taping the walls and ceilings I learned something new. The air ducts are not a great location to set your roll of tape on because the tape could fall through the duct. In my case I lost my brand new roll of tape and the only tape I have. Additionally, who knows where in the heating and cooling system of my home the tape is because it fell on through the ducts of air. Sometimes I am so stupid. (no comments anyone!)

Addy stuck by my side listening to music, singing, drawing, talking, etc. the whole two days. She did ask to help paint and how could I tell her no. I think we have a future painter in our hands.

Here are the walls after one coat of paint. Addy picked out a great color. The picture does not do justice, but the room is so bright and lively. I love it.

Finally, after another day of painting, cleaning, and moving all the furniture around here is the room.

Putting this crib together brought back so many memories. From the late nights of crying, barfing, talking, etc. to the moments of quiet and serene minutes of holding our little ones. Addy has already turned the crib into a place for her toys. Seeing the bite marks from Aiden and Addy on the edge of the crib really helps to make everything real. I cannot wait for the next Hoosier to enter this world.

Let us not forget the other room.

We started with this nice yellow that Addy loved as a baby and up until this weekend. Aiden wanted dark blue and we said no, but we did settle with a nice dark shade of grey. This is actually a very cool hue of grey and once again the camera does not do it justice. It is a reminder that my big boy is growing up. His room is aging and this makes it real.

And here it is all finished up. We moved in a desk and obviously have some decorating, picking up, and organizing to do, but it turned out great. He will love once he comes inside from being outside all day like a 6 year old boy should.

Lucky just chilling. He loves the new room and paint.

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