Sunday, April 3, 2011

Let Us Write A Story - Online Story Challenge - 6 yr old son pictures are your story

I was cleaning up the room of my son this weekend so I could paint and all that jazz. He has artwork all over. This kid spends time at night before bed drawing, reading(trying to), and just letting his brain wind down.

I scanned some of his artwork and a thought popped into my head. Why not connect some of the pictures and make a story.

Then I thought that some of you are way more creative than myself and decided to post the pictures here on the blog.

So, what do you have to do?

1. View the pictures
2. Figure out the order you want to place them
3. Write a little story based on the pictures.

I don't care how you send me the story. You can email me the story with pictures embedded, PPT slideshow, movie, poem, etc.

I will then share all the stories here on the blog. I will also share with my son and he will love it.

Here are the pictures. Let the creativity juices begin flowing.......NOW!

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