Friday, April 22, 2011

Try Something New

Just do it. The famous Nike slogan. I know that you have something that you wish you could try out.

Go for it.

See what happens. Who knows, it might really work.

Who cares if it is small or large in terms of what you are trying to accomplish. Who cares if anyone knows.

For example, I am experimenting with teaching an extension through the use of a wiki where each student has their own page to document their learning journey. They have freedom to edit, change, modify, etc. within reason in that I am constantly checking the changes through my CMP(also a new idea for me to try).

I was scared. I was nervous in terms of how it would work out. I am so glad I tried. The students have really taken to the project.

Yes, there have been mistakes.

Yes, we have had many teaching moments. But is that not what education is all about? Create your own pathways and take away the essence from each moment.

I am learning just like my students.

I love it.

It could be even simpler. For example, taking the same wiki example I mentioned above, I had this video that I wanted to show the students to provide them a visual of Pearl Harbor and what life was like. I wanted them to have images in their mind before we read our novel. Typically, I don't like showing videos, but if I did I would put them on the projector screen and the kids are bored out of their minds. I tried something new.

I gave them headphones

I gave them the freedom of their wiki page

I told them to watch the video at their pace and take notes into the old style graphic organizer KWL chart and to fill in the "L"

They loved it. They were so engrossed in the vidoe.

They took great notes.

So simple, but it gave them a sense of power. They were in control.

What are you going to try?

Share your ideas in the comments. I would love to hear from you.
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