Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pearl Jam: Reissues and Festival

Oh yes, I want this. Oh yes, I will have this.

You cannot go wrong with Pearl Jam. The guitar, the lyrics. There is so much to the music. Yet, you don't have to go deep to enjoy PJ.

Since I am broke this summer after a new roof and baby, the Dave Matthews Caravan is out of my summer plans. The three day festival I estimated will cost me about $900 when all said and done.

However, I still need my live music fix. Pearl Jam is going to host a festival. I may have to look into this if they ever unveil the date and location.

I am getting distracted here.

What I want to know is - What is your favorite song and why of Pearl Jam?

My two personal favorites are Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town and of course the blazing song Evolution.

But, Betterman is so unstoppable along with any song from Ten.

I think it is time to start a music journey and go through each album again.

This weekend I will start with Ten. Feel free to join me.
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