Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer Goal #1 Up For Testing Tomorrow

Well, the first day of summer(school ended yesterday).

What did I do with all my time?

Amanda and I were up for several hours with Ava who decided to spread her joy at night.

I mowed the yard. We cleaned the house. I sat on my butt and felt tired.

I finally got up and did a short run to help my legs as they felt very tired, heavy, and sore.

Tomorrow morning at 8:00 I will be running my first race of the season.

It is a 5K race. I have never ran a 5K race before so I am not quite sure how I will respond.

My goal is to finish under 24 minutes with hopes of doing much better than 24 minutes. Everything is dependent on how I feel. This is only my second week back in the training mode preparing for a half marathon and perhaps that darn marathon goal of mine.

My first goal is up for grabs. This is one of many goals I have set for myself this summer.

What are your goals? Feel free so share and let me know when you complete a goal so we can all celebrate with you.

Wish me luck at the race. Keep striving for your very best.
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