Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today is the Last Day of School

We did it. We survived yet another year.

I had some great things happen this year.

My students accomplished some amazing things both in my classroom and outside the classroom.

I am ready for a break. My brain is fried. I have used up all my patience and it is time to step back and recharge my batteries for another year.

I already have 3 big new ideas that I am ready to unveil next year. I cannot wait to get started, but first I need to refuel before embarking on another great year of teaching next year.

As I type this I cannot help but think how important it is for us to sometimes take step back and just recharge ourselves. Whether it is to step back from our hobbies, our passions, sports, job, etc.

I know right now I am trying to read some great books, but it feels like work. I am trying to set up some new projects on my blog and it feels like work. All this "work" and things are not enjoyable anymore.

I will step back. I will hang with my family. I will sit on my deck and relax. I will train for my races. I will get back to a place where nothing seems like "work" anymore, but rather it will all be fun.

Life is too short to "work". Life is perfect to pursue our passions and interests.

Live on and let summer begin.
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