Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Getting It Done - A New Post Series About Accomplishing Goals/Tasks

This morning has turned out to be a perfect day to start my new blog post series, "Getting It Done"

I woke up early after being up late with Ava and therefore was quite tired.

My feet are very sore from all the recent running and my lower legs were feeling like cinder block.

I was mentally weak and not in the mood to run and looking for any excuse to avoid the task at hand of running.

I looked to the skies and noticed rain.........I went online and noticed a 95% chance of rain.............

At this point I could have easily packed it in and went right back to bed.

However, I drove to the Y(instead of riding my bike due to lightning) and met up with some running mates.

We decided to give it a try. 30 seconds after starting lightning struck and made us jump like no other. Conditions not safe or ideal so we called it a morning.

How does this fit in to "Getting It Done"?

Well, I will have to get it done. I was met with adversity this morning both mentally, physically, and a does of Mother Nature. It was a challenge.

Later today I will have to find time to "Get It Done".  I will have to stay strong and not avoid what is necessary.

This blog post series "Getting It Done" is going to be focused on techniques, motivation, strategies, real life examples about finding ways to accomplish the goals we set for ourselves. I am very excited for this series.

It started by happenstance when tweeting back and forth with an amazing author and he was asking if I share my workouts and eventually the tweets lead to discussing how I get done what I get done (unfortunately I never asked how he gets done what he does in his life....maybe a future post?). By chance the name came out, it struck a nerve with me and my brain took off with unlimited possibilities.

Be ready to join my quest to work with myself and you and others about "Getting It Done". I hope the series is something that people find useful and a place for us to share stories and ideas alike to help each of us pursue our goals.

Now I wait for the rain to roll over so I can "Get It Done".

“Adversity is usually a prerequisite to great things.”
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