Sunday, June 12, 2011

Greatest Package Receieved in Mail This Summer.........

Listening to night 2 of this magical weekend of music from last summer when I was able to experience my favorite band, Dave Matthews Band, at Wrigley Field. We had VIP tickets and lived it up good for a weekend.

Finally, to make things even better, they officially released the weekend of music so I have a high quality recording of the two shows to remember them by.

Of course, I had to buy the deluxe package which included a very cool box to store the goodies, a sweet firedancer on the inside with the music, a booklet of photos, and a small press of a picture of the vine with the Dave sign.

You forget how great the band is until you go back and listen to the shows again. As I listen to the music I find the little bits here and there that I did not notice while standing on the field dancing and singing along.

Things just don't get better than this.

If you know me, then you know that I have literally hundreds upon hundreds of cd's of Dave from easily over a 100 official releases(I am including each disc as one knowing that one show can be 1-3 discs) to 20 years of bootleg materials. Yes, I have listened to almost of them and yes I am that nerd that listens to find the subtle differences in playing styles, Davespeak, added elements, etc.

This show will always be special to me. Many great stories, great people, great location, and two fantastic shows. These discs are going to be worn out in my car and on my computer and ipod(s).

He played Good Good Time and Last Stop which are two songs I have always wanted to hear in the 18 times I have been to his shows. Now, I just need him to play Halloween.

And I need to find a way to get to the Caravan this summer.

What has been your favorite concert you attended?
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