Sunday, June 12, 2011

Training - Week 3 - Sunday - 3 Mile Recovery Run

Got out this afternoon after putting off this run all day.

It was just a nice and simple 3 mile easy run to work out some soreness from the long run yesterday.

Knocked out 3 miles in 23:22 for a 7:45 pace. It actually felt good to get out and run off the pain. The bottom of my right foot was sore. The muscles/tendons(not sure what is all on the underside of my foot) was pretty tight and it felt good to work it out. My shins and calves were sore also and it felt good to loosen them up.

I ran in my Kinvara 2 shoes today. For some reason my Brooks Ravenna 2 did not feel good on my feet when walking Ava at the park so I switched to these and they felt awesome. I was rather surprised because I thought for sure it would have been the other way around.

This week I ran about 25.5 miles and biked 8 miles. Not bad for my first true week of marathon training. I also got in 3 days of the the 100 Push-Up Challenge training in also.

This week coming up I will log in 28 miles running, 3 day of 100 Push-Up Training, and hopefully incorporate 2-3 days of Endurance Core Training with my TRX. My schedule will be off as my wife leaves Friday for New Kids On The Block/Backstreet Boys concert in Chicago so I will have 4 straight days of running Tuesday-Friday. I will try to get my long run of 12 miles in Friday before she leaves, recover Saturday and recovery run Sunday. Who knows how it will all work out.

My totals for June is 54.79 miles logged with 8 miles of this biking and the rest running for a total workout time of 6 hours and 52 minutes. I need to see this data to keep me motivated. I don't show these to brag as there are many more people doing many more great things, but I I need to journal/blog my journey to keep me focused on my goal of running my first marathon.

Keep pursuing your dreams.

Remember my new favorite mantra/saying - Butterflies = Air Nachos

See you out running!
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