Sunday, June 19, 2011

Training - Week 4 - Week 2 of Marathon Training - Sunday 3 Mile Recovery Run w/ TRX - Recovery from weekend!

I did it. I finally managed to get my 3 mile recovery run in this week.

It took me until Sunday. Three days after my long run of the week on Thursday.

I had hoped to get my run in Friday before Amanda left for her weekend of fun, but time got the best of us as we tried to mow, grab some groceries, pack, etc.

I took a few steps back Friday and Saturday with my eating binge. I fell apart on Friday completely eating more junk than I have consumed in the last month all together.

I guess we will have those setbacks and sometimes those are good to have to remind us to keep our focus on the prize. It was also a reminder about how terrible junk food really makes you feel. I felt terrible all day. I was uncomfortable, sluggish, and slept terrible. It was a good reminder for me to know that I have been doing great things with my training and nutrition the last two weeks.

One day was all it took to set me straight.

Saturday I did not eat horrible, but just did not eat enough and therefore I did the opposite of Friday and snacked all day, but not really consuming a great meal.

Today I felt the results of two bad days of eating as the three miles felt terrible. My stomach was uneasy and the run felt hard. Yes, it was warm out, but I don't think that was the reason. It was a relief to my body to sweat some of the toxins and junk out of my system.

This 3 mile run put me at 29 miles for the week which is right on track with my marathon plan of being ready for my first marathon on September 25th.

I also knocked out another round of TRX Condition to Win to work my core again. This workout really taxes the core in 30 minutes and I think I sweated more during this than my run in the 80 degree heat.

Needless to say I feel good about myself again. I was not motivated to get out there on a Sunday evening, but I reminded myself of my goals and where I want to be in 4 months. That was all I needed.

I have a big week coming up with my running. 30 miles of running with my farthest run of my life of 14 miles. Yes, I am nervous, but that is a sign that I am focused and preparing myself for what needs to be done.

Getting It Done is never easy, but nothing in life worth anything is ever easy.

Remember to share your goals with me so we can work together to achieve.

Enjoy the rest of Father's Day. Time for some dinner. Fish on the grill!!!

I ran my 3 miles in 23:30 which is a 7:46 pace.
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