Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Training - Week 5 - Week 3 of Marathon Training - Wednesday 14 Mile Long Run - Longest Distance Ever and in the Rain and with Consequences

I apologize now for the long title to this post and for the long entry, but I have a lot to say.

Here I sit at 10:32 at night typing up this post when I should be in bed as I know Ava will be up tonight and the kids will be up bright and early ready for breakfast. But, I had to get this post typed up as I have some great things to share.

Today I was all prepped to get my long run in for the week. It has only been 6 days since last week when I did my last long run, but for some reason I was mentally prepared to run the long distance today. Being that I was afraid and doubted that I could run 14 miles I figured I should get it done today.

I woke up late this morning. I was exhausted. I just could not stop being tired. Amanda had to tutor at 9:00 so I had to wait until she came back which at that time it started to rain. I was mad as I was all geared up with pre run nutrition and hydration and mindset. I had to wait because she had to tutor again at 1:00. God bless her soul for helping the youth with math because I can barely count on my fingers.

By this point in the day I decided to pack it up and call it a rest day. However, I was anxious for some reason. I was constantly in motion in my house and driving everyone crazy. Finally, about 4:30 I decided to pack up and go for it. We had a house full of kids, but Amanda had her friends over so I did not feel too guilty and took off.

It rained and rained and rained and misted in between the rain. It was cool out so I did not have to worry about overheating. I felt really good in the beginning. I had to serious plot out my route while running to make sure I did not repeat any roads because I tend to lose motivation when I have to loop.

I really focused on running nice and easy to make sure I completed the run. I was able to finish the 14 mile run in 2 hours and 2 minutes which is an 8:44 pace and a burning of almost 2500 calories for me. This is the longest run and time ever for me. I was so proud. I actually almost got teary eyed on mile 13.5 realizing that I busted down the walls that I set in my mind. I will be honest and tell you that I did not think I would be able to run this far. I know it goes against my GETTING IT DONE mindset, but I had seriously built up some mental walls. Knowing that I busted through that wall today is huge for me. I was actually able to tell that I was proud because I ran the last mile in 8:14 after the previous miles were all 8:30 or above.

I DID IT. So can you! You just have to put in your mind to get it done.

I did learn many new things during my two hours out on the road.

1. My family is awesome. I always think how lucky I am to have a wife who allows me to wander aimlessly around town running when she is stuck at home with the kids. God bless her as she is always supportive of all my crazy ideas.

2. I have been reading lately about not running in cotton socks. I keep reading about how they can cause blisters. I have never had blisters, but I never usually ran that far either. Today during the rain and the long run I learned that cotton socks do cause blisters. Check out my first nasty blister. Time for some running socks and to learn how to care for a blister. Any suggestions would be great!

3. Stomach Issues - I don't know what it is, but my last few runs over 5 miles have caused me great stomach problems. My stomach will hurt during the run and for several hours after running. Not sure what causes this, but this is something I need to find a solution to because it kills! I had to fight a terrible stomach pain the last 7 miles like no other. It was not fun.

4. Knees - I feel like I am complaining a lot, but my knees were on fire the last three miles. Everything else besides my knees, stomach, and blister were awesome. Cardio wise I felt great. Legs felt good until the last mile, but my knees were shot.

5. I CAN DO THIS - For a marathon I would still have 12 more miles, but I know that after today of breaking down my mental wall that I can do anything I put my mind to. This is a huge day for me. I know thousands of people run this distance all the time, but I am not what I consider a "runner" nor do I have the body of a "runner" so this is huge for me.

Time for bed and praying for no cramps. My legs are dead and my toe hurts. Good night. 

Don't forget to ask yourself what you are doing to break down your mental walls. What are your strategies? I would love to hear them.
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