Friday, July 1, 2011

Training - Week 6 - Week 4 of Marathon Training - Thursday - Bix at 6

Wow! Was it ever hot at the Bix at 6 last night.

I learned several things about myself during this run that I will help me as I continue to learn the ropes of running.

I ran the 7.5 course in 63:42 which is a 8:29 pace.

1. Don't drink a big ol' smoothie right before running in the heat

As I was driving to the Bix at 6 last night I was trying to consume a smoothie for some carbs. I took the kids out on the river all day when my good friend asked us to join him and his family on his boat. While out on the river in the sun all I ate was some strawberries and a few pretzels. Needless to say this is not enough to nourish the body for this course or for the heat. I got home a little after 5 and quickly changed, made the smoothie and was out the door. Needless to say that by mile 3 I could taste that smoothie while running.

2. Continue to listen to my body

I had to stop 3-4 times during the run just to cool the body down. I was so hot that I don't think my internal body temp has ever been that hot before. It killed me to walk, but I know I would have done probably more damage to try and fight through the whole run. I forgot how tough of a course this is. How quickly I remembered.

3. Mental Mind Games

During the run while I had to stop a few times I had moments where I was getting mad, frustrated, and almost upset with myself while running. This does nothing to help you out while running. After I got to the turn around I finally calmed down and just ran, found a nice groove to settle into and the run went so much better.

Today I a resting. No running for sure today. It has been five straight days of running since Sunday and I planned on a rest somewhere in there and that did not happen. Today I will hopefully get in push ups and TRX and get ready for all the chaos this weekend will bring. I have one more run for the week and would also like to get a short bike ride in also.

I have a huge week next week with two runs that are going to hopefully be personal best breakers. Running 16 miles will put me at my longest run ever and the Moonlight Chase where I hope to run a PR.

Remember the only limits in life are the ones you set on yourself. Keep striving to GETTING IT DONE!
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