Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Training - Week 6 - Week 4 of Marathon Training - No Rest Today = Hitting A Wall

If you have read my post from yesterday, then you know that I am in need of a major rest day. I have not had a break since the race Sunday and my body is wearing down. I had all intentions of resting all day today until I took out my calendar and started to figure out the best way to incorporate my marathon training while being rested up to push my body at the Moonlight Chase next Saturday. I know that I have one of my biggest runs in my life coming up next week when I have to attempt to run 16 miles at one time! I about died from the 14 mile run last week, but also realize how great of a feeling it was to conquer that mental barrier.

When I started to mix and match my required runs for my marathon training I realized that I had to get my 16 mile run in next Tuesday. That is six days away. I also knew that this week is a recovery week and I was planning on running my 10 mile run on Saturday, but decided that only two days between these runs would not be wise. My body is not in good enough condition to hit up two runs like this so close together. So, I figured that I had no choice but to run the 10 mile today despite my body struggling.

I finally found time today to run and it was not until about 3:00. It was hot out and I knew that it was going to be a tough run from the start. I have not had enough running experience in the heat yet to push my body. I have only ran in the heat a few times and each time my body struggled. I took it nice and easy and made sure I drank plenty of fluids during the run trying to drink every 10-15 minutes. I felt great the first 4.5 miles. However, I quickly started to lose momentum and at mile 6 my  body started to shut down. My body just felt tired. Not tired like out of shape, but tired like it just had no energy. Running at a 8:32 mile pace at mile 6 my hear rate was at 168. My body was working harder than when I run hard in the mornings running sub 7 minutes. At mile 7 my average heart rate was 171 and I just did not feel right so I stopped and walked for about 30 seconds to gather myself. 7 miles is the length of the Bix and I had completed in 59 minutes today which is okay considering how terrible I felt. After a slight rest I decided to give it a go again and completed one more mile.

At the end of 8 miles I had a decision to make. I could fight the pain and finish the 10 mile run or call it a day. I decided to call it a day. This frustrates me and in many ways I want to get out there and finish my two miles. However, I think it is a smart decision. This is a recovery week for me. I don't feel like I quit and was weak minded because I had that serious toned voice in my head that was telling me, "Don't be stupid Aaron! Why push so hard now that you have to stop training later?" I think it was a good decision on my behalf. I have to get 24 miles in this week for my recovery week and with this shortened by 2 miles I will be fine. I plan on running the Bix at 6 tomorrow night to practice that course so that is going to give me the miles I missed out on today. Plus, that will be two tough runs in a row for me and also 5 straight days of running. That will leave me with about 3-4 miles left in the week for a nice and easy short recovery run to get in on Sunday. I will take Friday off for sure. Saturday I am supposed to golf so I will not run that day. Sunday I will run in the morning before fireworks in Davenport and all that fun stuff.

As much as it kills me to not get dressed in my gear and go run the two miles I did not complete I have to learn from prior experiences. While training for the half marathon last year and the Chicago Urbanathlon I pushed and pushed and pushed and just wore my body down which lead to a stress fracture and more problems all winter long. I don't want that so I have to remember that running requires days of rest and really being in tune with your body and listening to what the body is suggesting. Yes, I could fight through the pain and true fatigue, but will that help me being that I still have 12 weeks left in my training? No, this is a long term commitment and sometimes we have to call it a day. Today I called it a day and think it was smart. I finished the 8 miles in 1 hour and 7 minutes which is an 8:23 pace. Nothing too impressive, but not too bad as I still am working to acclimate my body to the heat and sun.

I did come home and finish my 100 Push Up Training
Set 1: 19
Set 2: 20
Set 3: 14
Set 4: 14
Set 5: 24+(I did 30)

I am spent. Literally.

However, I am working towards my goals of GETTING IT DONE!
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