Saturday, July 2, 2011

Training - Week 6 - Week 4 of Marathon Training - Saturday Morning - Bike, Heel Pain, Leg Fatigue

I took all of yesterday off. I did not do anything, but some yard work and stuff around the house. My body was worn down. It was time to let the body recover.

My legs were sore and just felt tired. I also started this wonderful pain in my heel on my right foot about mid morning that never left all day. It hurts something fierce. I hope I just stepped on it wrong and it will go away.

I woke up today around 4:45 and could not go back to sleep so I decided to get up. My legs were still sore. Actually more sore today than yesterday. My heel was still hurting. I thought about just taking it easy, but the more I sat around I realized that I need to work out some of the soreness. I jumped on my bike a little after 5:30 and took off. It took several miles to warm my legs up, but after a while they started to feel pretty good. I was able to get 10.3 miles in 44:21. Not too bad for the bike I have. I made sure to hit up some pretty good hills for me to work on my stamina and leg power. I tackled three tough hills(tough for me anyways) on the ride along with some other little elevation changes. I was glad I started my day off with the bike ride. My heel feels a little better. I hope the pain stays away. My quads feel a little tired, but that is from the ride. My legs feel much better after the ride. I just needed to work out some of the fatigue.

I came home and knocked out my 7 Weeks to 100 Push-Up Challenge workout.

Set 1: 21
Set 2: 24
Set 3: 19
Set 4: 19
Set 5: 28+(I did 30)

Total: 113

I am off to a rough game of golf later this morning with my father in law, and two brother in laws. I am terrible at golf so it is a mental challenge to not chuck my clubs. Plus, it is going to be super hot today. Afterwards we will hang out with family for dinner. A great start to the weekend.

Have a happy 4th of July weekend and keep working hard to achieve your goals.
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