Sunday, July 10, 2011

Training - Week 7 - Week 5 of Marathon Training - Saturday - Moonlight Chase

Last night I ran in the Moonlight Chase. As you know from either running it or my previous posts this is a flat 4 mile course. I had set my sights on a race goal of under 27 minutes. After running the Bix at 6 Thursday evening I felt prepared.

Aiden and Addyson ready to tear up the course!
I had studied my note, mentally ran through the run, and felt great going to the race. However, things took a little turn for me. First off I read the information wrong and I got my family there way early. I thought the kids ran their race at 6:30, but it was not until 7:30. So, the kids enjoyed a corndog and we just hung out until race time. They did a great job running. I am proud of them for going out and giving it their best. Addyson was a little overwhelmed with all the people around her and after about 20 seconds she broke out in tears and we walked it in. They were both excited to earn a ribbon, water, Popsicle, and a balloon after the run.

After waiting through the next race I started to get ready. I soon realized I left all my pre race ritual stuff at home. I know 4 miles is not that big of distance, but with my goal in mind this really frustrated me. I was out of sorts. I tried to eat some fruit snacks instead and that just did not sit well with me.

After a mile warmup and some stretching I was ready. I got into place, but in hindsight realized putting myself where I belong is not smart. People just cram in wherever and this would later hurt me on the run. Next time I should just sit back and wait for everyone to clear and then run.

The race started and it was so bottled up I could not get out to the pace I wanted. Looking at my Garmin data I ended up the running at an 8 minute mile pace for 40 seconds before being able to break free and get going. At that point I was not thinking positive because I knew that this is a huge time frame to make up in a short 4 mile race. I bolted and made the mistake of trying to gain too much ground too fast and had my heart rate up over 90% and running under a 6 minute mile pace for a short burst before finally settling in. However, that really burned up some major energy. With all that being said and done I ran the first mile in 6:51 which is 6 seconds off my goal time. Mile 2 I improved slightly to 6:49 pace and during this mile I got bottled up at the water station. I was not paying great attention as there are people everywhere on the run. I had to slow down, got bumped, decided to grab a water and then the lady pulled back on me and I had to come to a stop to apologize as I blasted her with the cup of water. That incident right there cost my my 4 seconds of my mile pace goal. Mile 3 I dropped in time to 6:52 I was starting to feel the effects of not staying calm and going out too fast earlier to make up ground. Right towards the end of this mile I got a side cramp unlike one I have never had before. I have had cramps before, but this one almost made me stop and call it. I was running with my hand literally grasped around my rib cage. After about a minute or so it finally subsided and this was at the end of mile 3 into mile 4. However, that cramp cost me some more time and I finished mile 4 in 6:55.

My total race time according to my Garmin watch was 27:45 for 4.05 mile which is a 6:52 mile pace. I will be honest and tell you that I am not happy with this time. Part of me knows I should be. My original goal for this race was to run under 28 minutes. I changed that goal to under 27 after running the Davenport Dualthon and running the final leg which was a 5k at an 6:46 mile pace. I thought for sure I could do this again. The way I have been running I was confident in meeting this goal. There are so many things that can change the course of achieving your goals. I can honestly say that I did everything training wise to be ready. Had I brought my pre race ritual stuff would that have changed? It is hard to say and there is not reason to play the What If game.

Going back to a post from July 11th, 2010 last year when I ran this race I shared the following:

I ran in the Moonlight Chase. This is a flat 4 mile course in Eldridge. I set a new personal best with my mile pace by finishing in 32:20. This is an 8:05 mile pace. I increased my PR by 11 seconds where my previous best was 8:16.

I read that part of the post from one year ago  I cannot help but be impressed by what I have achieved. I am so glad I have documented my journey in running. This race last year was my first running race. I knocked off almost 5 minutes from my race time since last year. That is AWESOME! My mile pace has increased by a minute and 20 seconds. So with that in the back of my mind I have to remind myself that despite not achieving my goal, I am accomplishing an even more important goal of GETTING IT DONE by getting better everyday, leading a more healthy and active life, and seeing results.

The Maurer troop ready for a long night
I was not able to stick around as my kids were to their breaking point. It was late being after 10:00. Ava held on strong, but when we got home the heat and late night caught up with her as she threw up her whole bottle. During this fun time I received a text stating that I won the Clydesdale group. I took first in this division. The Clydesdale division is for big people like myself that weigh over 200 lbs. Some friends of ours were nice enough to pick up my medal and bring it to the house. This was cool to earn and kind of help place a positive to the end of the night.

Well, this race has provided me some new topics for my GETTING IT DONE series and now it is time for me to get out there and train. I have two workouts for today. Thanks to Amanda for sticking out the long night and dealing with the children during the race. None of this would ever be possible if she were not so amazing.

In conclusion here are the final results for my run and after contemplation through this post, I have come to terms with not achieving my goal and am quite happy with my results. However, I have not given up on this goal and before the summer is over I WILL run a 4 mile course in under 27 minutes to prove to myself that I can GET IT DONE.

Here are the official race results

Official Chip Time: 27:42
Overall Finish: 102/1501
Clydesdale Division: 1/75

A great night despite some personal setbacks. It was great to see Jeff and Jen Paul tear up the course. Congrats to Jen for her victory. It was also great to see Ben Driscoll run very well as well as our good friends Carrie and Kristy.

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