Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Training - Week 7 - Week 5 of Marathon Training - Sunday Workout and Week 5 Recap

Sunday I woke up ready to get back on track after not achieving my goal of running the Moonlight Chase in under 27 minutes. I was tired and sore so I decided to jump on my bike to loosen up my legs and also because I had not been on my bike all week. While riding I decided to pick up the pace a little bit and to do a brick workout. Despite the stops at intersections I was able to ride 10 miles in 40 minutes for an 4:01 mile pace. This is my best ride yet. I then jumped off the bike, had a 1 minute transition and then ran 3 miles in the heat in 23:58. My legs were tired. I was running slow and not trying to push it too much. The first mile of run I had a sharp pain in my hamstring, but is slowly went away.

Later in the day I completed the final set of push ups for the week.
Set 1: 13
Set 2: 13
Set 3: 20
Set 4: 20
Set 5: 13
Set 6: 13
Set 7: 36+(I did 40)

It was a good workout to end the week on.

I finished the week with 33 miles of running which is one more than the plan scheduled, 10 miles on the bike, three push up workouts. I did not get any TRX training in, but I will incorporate that into training this week.

This was a big week for me as I was able to break my distance record with 16 miles, set a PR on the Bix course and still feeling great afterwards, and having a minor setback with the Moonlight Chase(but still running a PR and winning my Clydesdale division). I look to this week being another good week of solid training working on stretching and strength and conditioning.

GETTING IT DONE one day at a time.

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