Friday, July 15, 2011

Training - Week 8 - Week 6 of Marathon Training - Wednesday - Active Recovery

Wednesday was supposed to be a rest day. My quads were pretty sore from the 18 mile run on Tuesday. As it approached the evening I felt like I needed to get out and work out some of the soreness from my legs. I jumped on my bike and rode 11 miles. This really helped to make my legs feel better. A good bike ride. First time really dealing with some strong winds and also first time riding during 5:00 traffic which was no fun stopping all the time. However, the ride did the job. I loosened my legs and feel much better mentally.

I also performed a TRX workout. I did a strength workout and finished with some more core exercises.  Once again I did not think the workout did much for me, but when I woke up on Thursday my upper body was sore.

This was not necessarily a rest day, but a good active rest day and got the bike and TRX done which were both needed.

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