Friday, July 15, 2011

Training - Week 8 - Week 6 of Marathon Training - Thursday - Final Bix at 6

Thursday night was the last Bix @ 6 run until the big race on July 30th. Once again we had some great weather. It was warm, but not too bad compared to the heat wave coming our way today.

My quads were sore today. I had to really fight through the fatigue and soreness in my quads. They just have not quite recovered from the long run yet. I hope they recover soon as I have to get my 20 mile run in on Monday before leaving for the Wisconsin Dells.

The course felt easier tonight. Each run at the Bix at 6 I feel like my body has adapted and ran stronger each time.

When I ran the first time I ran the course in 63:42 for the 7.3 miles which is over an 8:30 mile pace. However, it was very, very, hot so that is the reason for such a slow time. However, I am not sure I would have broke 60 minutes on a good day.

The second time I ran the Bix at 6 I ran 7.26 miles in 56:56 which is an 7:51 pace and my personal best. I was very happy with this run because I felt really good both during the run and afterwards.

Last night I improved once more running 7.28 miles at a 7:44 mile pace which better than last week. This was with sore quads. I hope to run like this during the race.

I did earn another blister last night. On a run earlier in the week I developed a blister on my middle toe. This was my third blister in my training. Last night my shoe came untied while running down Brady St. hill and decided to just suck it up and run until I finished. Well, that .5 mile run earned me another blister on top of the blister I had on my middle toe. Needless to say my middle toe looks gross.

I have my running goals posted over in the sidebar and my goal for this race on July 30th is  

Goal: Beat time from last year 58:19

I feel like I am in great shape to beat this goal. I hope my body feels good so I can push a little harder to see what I am made of, but we will find out in 15 days.

When I got home I completed my push-ups.

Set 1: 17
Set 2: 27
Set 3: 23
Set 4: 23
Set 5: 41

I am down to 72 days until my big marathon race. Hard to believe that 39 days have gone by in the training already.

GETTING IT DONE is my motto and that is what I am doing.

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