Saturday, July 16, 2011

Training - Week 8 - Week 6 of Marathon Training - Saturday - 3 Mile EZ with Brick Workout

I wanted to get one more bike ride in this week. For some reason I feel like riding the bike has really helped my leg power and stamina in my training. Maybe it is just in my head, but it helps keep my legs loose and I do feel better after riding.

This morning I rode longer than what I wanted. I ended up riding 12.3 miles after running into the Hy-Vee Iron Kids Quad Cities Triathlon. This ended up being a very cool obstacle because what better way to be pulled off your course than to see kids of all ages working like mad on their bikes in the race? It was cool to see as I was trying to navigate my way off their course.

So I rode 12.3 miles in 52 minutes stopping at home to make sure the kids were okay and not destroying their mother. I hoped for a one minute transition, but ended up with a 7 minute transition. As I was leaving the house to run after gaining clearance I noticed our pool overflowing with water. My son has turned on the hose, but forgot about the pool. As I was turning off the hose and trying to remove the excess water I soaked my shoes so had to go back inside to get my other pair of shoes and then take off. My legs were starting to tighten up by this point, but I was finally off on my run.

I took the run very easy running the 3.12 miles in 24:37 which is a 7:53 pace. I was not trying to push hard as I know I have my work cut out for me Monday with my 20 mile run which also happens to be the hottest day of our major heat wave we are experiencing. That should prove interesting.

This was a great little workout putting me at a little over 35 miles of running for the week, a little over 24 miles on the bike, one TRX workout, one push-up workout, and two more push-up workouts with one more TRX core workout to get in by tomorrow night. Another great week of training. This has been a big week, but I know I will have time to recover next week when hanging out in water parks in Wisconsin Dells.

Week 6 is almost done for the week and another week of GETTING IT DONE! I just need to get my push-ups and TRX core workouts in. Have a great weekend.

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