Friday, July 15, 2011

Training - Week 8 - Week 6 of Marathon Training - Friday - 3 Mile Easy Run

I don't know what it is about running in the evening/night, but my body always feels like crap. Anyways, I went out for my 3 mile run about 8:00 tonight. I took it nice and slow to help my legs relax and recover before my big 20 mile run on Monday.

My plan for today was to run Yasso 800's, but I have had a big week of training with the 18 mile run, Bix at 6 run, and the bike ride on my rest day. I decided to go against the plan. I have 6 miles left to run and the Yasso 800's called for about 6 miles of running. My legs were not ready for a 6 miles with 6 x 800 runs today. I played it safe and went with 3 miles tonight.

Mile 1: 8:15
Mile 2: 7:33
Mile 3: 7:11

I felt pretty good throughout the whole run and my heart rate recovered quickly after the run as to where it did not take much at all to feel normal again.

Hopefully I will be able to get in a brick workout tomorrow morning to give myself one more good workout to end the week and then a day of rest before Monday.

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