Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Training - Week 9 - Week 7 of Marathon Training - Tuesday - 3 Miles and No Bike as Planned

I woke up a little late this morning. I was hoping to be up at 4, but I did not get up until 4:30. I was able to get dressed and get out running about 4:50. It was already 86 degrees according to the bank. I took it very slow and easy as my legs were sore from the run yesterday. I ran a nice and easy 9:15 mile pace running the 3 miles in 27:57. I had to knock out some of the fatigue from the run.

I wanted to get on my bike and ride about 10 miles, but that did not happen. For one, I don't know if my legs would have been ready for the bike. Second, I have a lot to get done this morning by 6:00 this morning so when I saw the time of 5:20 I figured I better not push my limits and call it.

I did get in my push-ups instead. I did sets of 19/31/25/25/51

I am at 23 miles running so far this week which seems crazy. I still have 17 more to go and I would like to get 20 miles in on the bike this week also to put me at the 60 mile mark which is something I have not achieved before.

I will be offline for the next couple days so enjoy yourself in all this heat. Keep working hard. I will post again on Friday.

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