Friday, July 22, 2011

Getting It Done - Sometimes You Need To Take A Break!

I know many of you were so out of sorts to not have me post the last few days(100% pure sarcasm here).

I am back. My family took a little vacation to Wisconsin Dells relaxing in the many waterparks of The Wilderness during this heat wave. We went with my brother-in-law and family, rented a big condo, and just took it easy while the kids went crazy in the water. It was quite nice to get away, leave the To-Do-List, leave the the stressed of life, leave the online world(except the occasional peak at Facebook and Twitter with my coffee, but no work related elements) and just enjoy life. We did leave little Ava behind with my the grandparents because it was going to be way too hot for her and this did free up some needed time for Amanda and I to give our attention to Aiden and Addy.

The reason I share this and the reason that I included this in my GETTING IT DONE series is because we have to remind ourselves to take a break. We have to be able to step back and just do what we want sometimes.

I am currently in week 7 of my marathon training, but my 9th week in overall training and striving to get fit and overcome some mental barriers of mine. I have been working very hard to eat healthy, stay away from the temptations of food and beverages that can hinder my health and training, getting adequate sleep, and just really trying to live healthy. It has been hard, but I can honestly say that what I am doing is working and becoming habit. I know it is habit because while at The Wildnerness I left all walls down and just enjoyed life. I ate what I wanted when I wanted. I had to schedule or routine. I did not exercise(well besides swimming.....and I guess I did run Tuesday and Thursday). But, I tried to return to the life of not caring about my body, my health, and my future. I will tell you that I found it harder to be a unhealthy than to be healthy.

I felt gross.

I did not feel good about myself after eating like a complete pig at a very good restaurant.

I did not like myself come Thursday morning.

I became angry that I let myself do these things.

I became motivated to make sure I don't live this way.

Having these couple days to be a pig rejuvenated my passion for health and wellness and to GETTING IT DONE!

I went running Thursday morning on our last day. I got up at 6 in the morning to the most peaceful and relaxing area I have ever ran. After two days of getting off schedule I will tell you that the 5 mile run I performed was SO HARD! I was furious at how much energy it took to the run the 5 miles at a slow pace.

During this run I thought about where I was and where I am today. I thought about how hard it is some days to get up and run and exercise. But, I thought about how great I feel. I thought about the many milestones I have achieved in just this one summer. I have broken many mental barriers in these last two months. More barriers in those 8 weeks than in the last 5 years. I started to get hungry again to achieving my goal of running a marathon. I started thinking about my other goals I want to conquer down the road. I became hungry again.

I got back to my condo ready to get home and get ready to get back in shape. Ready to start GETTING IT DONE again.

If you are finding yourself in a rut or in a position where you are starting to lose your way or desire to achieving your goal, then take a step back, take little vacation and live life on the other side. Remind yourself of why you are changing for the better. Sometimes we have to touch the hot stove to remind ourselves that it is hot.

This vacation opened up my mind to many things. In my next GETTING IT DONE post I will talk about another element to my vacation that helped further motivate me to stay on track and get started with my other big goal: Writing A Book.
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