Friday, July 22, 2011

Training - Week 9 - Week 7 of Marathon Training - Thursday - 5 Miles in Wisconsin Dells

If you read my last post about

Getting It Done - Sometimes You Need To Take A Break!

 then you would know that I spend the last three days up in Wisconsion at The Wilderness waterpark. We had a blast. We left Tuesday and I was able to get in a 3 mile recovery run from my long 20 mile run the day before(that seems like forever ago). I took Wednesday off as a rest day so I could just enjoy my vacation. 

 Thursday morning I woke up early before everyone else awoke and took off on a 5 mile run around the resort. After eating unhealthy and being in water for two days straight my body struggled through this run. Being outside in the sun and heat and water really takes a toll. I found this run to be hard and it felt like it would ever end.

 However, I was able to check out some places on the resort that we have not seen before on our previous two trips. This place is beautiful. I ran on a bike path that had Lake Shelton to my left and the resort to my right. Some of the cabins and condos on the golf course were sweet. I want to stay in one of those next time. 

I found this run to be very peaceful and relaxing despite not being easy. The sun was rising, the water, lakes, ponds, forests, etc. really allowed me to enjoy my vacation. 

 I ran the 5 miles in 39:45 which is a 7:56 pace. Nothing special, but I did push the last mile getting it done in 7:18 to end on a good note.

 I spend the rest of the day swimming and driving home. I love summer vacation!  

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