Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Flat Classroom Challenge #15: Project Re-Design

It has been a long time since I have taken time to really focus on my Flat Classroom Project that I worked on called Global Gossip. I was able to test and sample out parts of this project. Here is the wiki where the project is located -

I have bigger plans for the project this year. I am currently reworking some of components to this project. Twitter is not always readily available in schools(like mine). I am working on ways to work around Twitter or make it more accessible. Twitter was very important to the project and provided great benefit so I need to really focus in on this piece.

The project itself is quite open where the teachers involved can decided what approach to take the students. However, I have added some guiding questions to help get things started.

  • Why are the future dreams of students from various culture and countries the same/different?
  • What are the cultural differences?How is English spoken differently in countries outside of the USA?
  • What does school look like in different countries?
  • How is the makeup of society - homogenous society vs. multi-cultural society, individual focused vs. community based, etc.?
  • What is the perception of the country and what is the reality?
  • What can we learn from another country to make our society better?
  • What is important(goals, expectations) to the society and drives the dreams of students?

 I am currently working a new wiki/website for the project instead of having it combined with all the other online projects that my students do. I would like for this project to be large enough that it deserves a site of its own. As the new school year starts I plan to unravel round two of this project.

Lastly, the video aspect of the project became a very useful tool. It allowed students to really grasp the culture of the other countries. I am going to focus on this aspect more in addition to Skype and meeting in real time.

For a test run, this project worked well, but it has room for more improvements.
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