Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Training - Week 11 - Week 9 of Marathon Training - Tuesday - Weights and 4 Mile Run EZ

Woke up early this morning to meet one of my buddies at the Y this morning. Had a miscommunication or he just did not show up as I looked around and did not see him. I was to give him my concert tickets to Motely Crue and Poison this weekend as we will be out of town. I figured I was already up so I might as well do something with myself so I did a very short 20-25 minute circuit of weights. I worked on chest, arms, shoulders, abs, and back completing two sets of 10-12 for each.

After lifting I went out and knocked out a 4 mile EZ run. My body feels drained. My quads are still dead tired from the Bix race and my feet are hurting while walking and running. I took the run very easy running at 8:28 pace completing the 4 miles in 33:53.

I am going to rework my run schedule again due to my body just not feeling the greatest right now. I had planned for a 7 mile run tomorrow with a 16 miler on Thursday before taking Friday and Saturday off, but there is no way my body can handle those two runs without risking injury or going backwards in my training. I think I will take tomorrow off, run the 16 miler on Thursday(temps are supposed to be somewhat cooler) and then finish the week with the 7 miler and a 5 miler sometime Friday - Sunday.

It felt good to lift some weights. I have not done that much this summer, but something I need to slowly incorporate into my training along with TRX and all the running. I just need 40 hour days to get everything in.

I am also in pursuit of a road bike. I am hoping to get out today and test ride a few. Right now I have my eye on the Trek 1.5, but I also know that the 2012 lineup of bikes will be coming out soon as well. Patience is the key, but I am ready for a bike and beginning the journey of learning that whole sport(I am clueless)

Stay cool today and continue working to GETTING IT DONE!

One final note - over at Crashing the Course website - http://www.crushingthecourse.com/?p=485 you can see the obstacle for the Chicago Urbanathlon. Looks like they are adding a few more things this year. Anyone up for the challenge? I will be there looking to improve my time from last year.
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