Monday, August 8, 2011

Training - Week 12 - Week 10 of Marathon Training - Monday - 5 Miles and Feeling Fine!

Alright, well after the rains came today it was super nice outside. I think when I went running around 7 pm tonight it had to be low 70's. I had to get in my 5 miles today and once again I found myself running in the evening. I just could not get out of bed today. After being in Indiana the last two nights there is just nothing sweeter than coming home to your own bed. I woke up around 4 to get up and to run and lift but decided to go back to bed as it just felt too good to lay there. I then woke up again around 6, but decided to repeat the same process. Finally, around 7 I got up with Ava and therefore was not going to run. I did not get my run in this morning and that is okay. I wanted to enjoy the final two mornings of no school before I return for good on Wednesday(I have already been there a few times today to move my stuff as I am losing my classroom and have to share an office space).

Back to running, I took off not sure what to expect being that I just ate dinner 30 minutes prior. I had a slight gut ache, but my body was feeling good. I just ran not paying attention to anything but making sure my breathing was calm and I was not pushing to hard. I ran the 5 miles in 38:53 finishing with a 7:46 pace. Not too bad feeling like the run was easy. It is amazing what weather and some training mixed together can actually accomplish. Each mile I progressively ran faster not really realizing I was doing so during the run. I ran 8:05, 7:58, 7:54, 7:30, 7:21 for my mile splits.

I ate much healthier and better today working to get my body back on track. I would still like to knock off a few pounds of body fat in the next 40 days leading to my marathon. I think shedding a few pounds the right way will make the run easier for me. It all comes down to self control and not falling apart like I do several times a week. Amanda will tell me I am crazy thinking I need to drop a few pounds, but like I told her it is only for the race day. Actually, I would not mind if I dropped some body fat weight and picked up some muscle weight to balance things, but not sure how that will all pan out.

A beautiful night and a great run. A great start to week 10 of training. Time to really focus on GETTING IT DONE as my marathon is looming just over yonder. We are less than 50 days away and it makes me nervous just thinking about it.

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