Friday, August 12, 2011

Training - Week 12 - Week 10 of Marathon Training - Friday - Bike and Weights

I woke up this morning and struggled to get out of bed. Being back to school takes a toll on you. As I always say it takes a few weeks to get into "Teacher Shape".

After taking a day off yesterday I was ready to get some form of excercise in as I could not sustain two days of nothing. I chose not to run to keep my feet healthy and ready to go for my 18 miler tomorrow morning. I jumped on my bike to just get an easy workout in to freshen up the legs.

I rode about 5 miles and decided to stop at the Y to get in some lifting. I worked my core, shoulders, arms, and chest. Nothing major, but enough to keep maintenence up on the body and push the muscles for a brief period of time.

I jumped back on my back and finished up with another 5 mile run. It was a good 75 minutes.

If the weather is like this tomorrow morning and the rain stays away I will be so happy while running for a few hours.

Have a great Friday!

I also hope to test ride a Trek bike this weekend. I am looking at the Trek 1.5. Anyone have any other bike suggestions or recommendations? I am quite stupid when it comes to bikes. I have a lot to learn.
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