Saturday, August 13, 2011

Training - Week 12 - Week 10 of Marathon Training - Saturday - 18 Miles of GETTING IT DONE!

I will be honest and tell you that running was the last thing I wanted to do this morning. After going back to school last week I was tired. I woke up at 4:30 and just could not get going, but dragged myself out of bed at 4:45 knowing I needed to get my run done before the house woke up. Amanda has been home with the three kids the last three days as she does not start school until Monday so I knew not being home to take care of all the morning stuff would not be wise.

Things started out rough. I always have to have a cup of coffee or two before running. While waiting for my coffee I eat a waffle or two and let that digest over some Internet browsing before heading out the door. While going through my email I started to hear this dripping noise from upstairs. I instantly thought it was raining and I would not be able to run which made me quite mad because I was already up. I went upstairs to find no rain, but my coffee pot overflowing and the entire pot of coffee brewed everywhere but in the pot.

You don't even want to see in the cabinet!

This is not a good way to start the day. By the time I finished cleaning I was behind schedule with no coffee. I was thinking this better not be a sign of things to come.

Thank goodness it was just the opposite. I felt really good this morning. Yes I had some mentally weak spots and my legs started to hurt towards the end, but all in all I really enjoyed this run. The back 9 of the run flew by. I could not believe how fast the time went by. During that run I was able to work out many issues that I needed to tackle for school, projects, and home. I love having time to think. It was great to watch the sunrise, run in fog, and see so many people out. All I know was that I ran by parts of Davenport I never knew existed.

One thing I don't recommend is dropping your water bottle while running downhill. I did that and trying to bend over to pick up a bottle on mile 15 was the last things my legs wanted to do. They were so tight I honestly thought the muscles were going to explode.

I do however recommend scanning your surroundings as I found a $5 bill laying on the ground. That is my karma rewarding me for cleaning up all the broken bottles and vases in the road by my house a few weeks back.

Have a great weekend. I am going to sit in an ice bath and try to soothe my knees and feet. I have a 5 mile run tomorrow to wrap up the week. 2 of the 5 tough runs down. Only 2 20 milers and 1 18 miler remains before tapering for the marathon.


18 miles at nice comfortable 9:17 pace finishing in 2:47. I did run 8 of the miles at my MP goal so happy with that.

Things that helped me through my run today.

1. UCAN pre workout drink. I had the Cran Raz shake and it was good. Learn more here -

2. Thinking about Jeff Paul and how hard he has been training this whole summer. He has another big race tomorrow in Michigan at Steelhead. I hope he tears it up again. Both Jeff and his wife Jen are two people who continue to inspire by how hard they train, but still leaving time for friends and family. Maybe one day I will be able to enter a half Ironman and compete(not really much of a competition though) with Jeff. I need to tackle the marathon first.

3. My wife Amanda who has started running herself. She hates running and has never really ran before in her life. She is kicking serious butt starting out not being able to run much at all and the progress she is making. She has really increased her overall time with how long she can run and I am very proud of her. She does not always giver herself enough credit.

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