Thursday, September 22, 2011

Getting It Done - Countdown to Marathon - 3 Days and Counting...Believe

What is your biggest obstacle?

This is the question that I have decided to start with for this post countdown to my marathon. The reason I chose this question is because it fits with my title of Believing. This is probably my hardest obstacle. The belief in myself. As any of you know who have read the posts of my training I have the highs and lows. I was back reading and I almost think my training was more emotional that my entire life. Feeling so great one day to only be crushed the next.

I was talking to my mom last night and she asked me if I was nervous. I thought about it and realized that I am not nervous at all(right now anyways). I have been so busy this week that I have not had much time to think about the race. It is almost like I am in a haze of denial that I am about to embark on a 26.2 mile journey Sunday. The nerves will kick in this weekend. I feel calm. I feel nothing really. I BELIEVE!

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Yes, about a dozen times a day I ponder if I am truly ready for this race, but deep down I know the answer. I think to not have doubt would be more cause of alarm than not doubting. I already know that come Saturday night I will be up all night. I will be up super early Sunday going through my pre race jitters and nerves. But I BELIEVE.

You have to believe in order to push your body. I did not believe in the beginning and that is why the training faltered so many times early on. But when I developed that sense that I am capable, things fell into place.

I came across this this morning:

You are working hard.

You are out of breath.

You are having fun.

It is not all about winning, but it is about accomplishing something. It is about accomplishing your goals.

In order for these four things to happen you have to BELIEVE. Don't worry about the others. Why waste your time. Worry about yourself and that voice in your head that knows you better than anyone else. Some look at me like I am crazy. Some are excited. Some believe that I am ready. But when it comes down to race day Sunday morning they only opinion that matters is your own. It is a journey that only I can conquer. It is me that has to believe. Not my wife, not my mom, not my friends. I know they believe, but it is only I who can move my feet forward.

When you are prepared it only makes sense to BELIEVE! I have trained. I have prepared. I BELIEVE and I will be GETTING IT DONE! Sunday.
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