Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sound Clip For My Marathon - So Excited

I posted a week or so ago about requesting sound files, voice recordings, music, etc. to add to my playlist. I thought it would be awesome to have these random voices of inspiration pop up in my headset while running. It gives me something to look forward to and will help me stay focused on my goal at hand.

I have not receive very many and that is fine. What I have received is awesome! I have some files from my mom and dad. These will come into great use for sure. Tonight I received an email from one of my elementary students. She sent me a file. I have not listened, but I am so excited to hear what she has to say. It is these small moments that I remember that when everything is stripped down to the essence of what I do for a living, teaching is the best job on earth. What other profession could you find the inspiration from a elementary student? Not too many. It is loaded. It is on my playlist ready to be shuffled and mixed in with my jams.

There is still plenty of time to submit a little recording of inspiration. Email it to me at

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