Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Training - Week 16 - Week 14 of Marathon - 5 Miles of Blah

I feel like crap. I have my allergies flaring up and I have a cold. I woke up this morning realizing I fell asleep after my alarm went off so I had to hustle to get out the door. I ran 5 miles and my goal the next two weeks is to get my body and mind used to running at my marathon pace. This morning I wanted to run around 9:00, but I just could not get my body to run that slow. Despite how terrible I felt I ran around 8:47 pace. Maybe this is the pace that I am capable of running at? I don't know, but it felt super slow.

My legs were pretty sore from the 13 mile run on Sunday. I could not shake out the fatigue in this run and battling a cold the last couple days is probably not helping the body recover. My foot was not feeling the greatest either, but in the end I was able to work through it all, clear my head, and get the run done.

12 days until showtime.

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Happy Tuesday
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