Sunday, September 11, 2011

Training - Week 16 - Week 14 of Marathon Training - 3 Miles of Running with 1 Tough Mile

Saturday proved to be a good day(well, until the Irish decided to play like crap the 4th quarter). I went to the doctor at 7:45 for my MRI on my foot. I sat still for the 25 minutes and met quickly with my doctor afterwards. She won't get the official report until Monday, but from what she could tell there appears to be no stress fracture. I was so happy I about jumped out of the seat. She did say it looked like there might be fluid around the tendons which could be tendinitis or possibly a tear on a tendon. She won't know officially until Monday. I am hoping for tendinitis because that is just a matter of dealing with the pain. I hope to possibly get something to mask the pain until the marathon is over.

Later that day after sitting through some soccer games I finally went out for a run. I decided not to do my long run, but instead do a 3 mile run. The 3 mile run was supposed to be my recovery run from the long run, but I just flipped them. I ran in the evening and was not sure what to expect.

I took off a good pace knocking out mile 1 in 7:39. It was around this point that I decided I wanted to push myself. I wanted to get my body to hit a wall and learn to push through the pain. I have a lot of mental cobwebs in my head giving doubt to completing a marathon. I needed to work on knocking those out and giving practice to my body to deal with pain and fatigue.

I picked up mile 2 and ran it in 7:13. I still felt great and was rather surprised. I was not breathing that hard and my legs still felt fresh. This was after running about a 1/2 mile in long grass along 53rd. I decided that I would push even harder and force myself to run the third mile under 7 minutes. I don't think I have ran that pace since the 5k back in May. I took off and ran mile 3 in 6:36. I still felt pretty good. I think I could have maybe ran one more mile at that rate before hitting a major wall and being done.

I recovered very quickly and was really happy. Despite feeling out of shape and sloppy I continue to run pretty well lately. I don't know how I can have such contrasting thoughts. I have two weeks to work through the negative talk in my mind and get ready. This was a good run. I felt it later that night as my legs were pretty tired. It felt good GETTING IT DONE!

With no stress fracture in sight it is time to dial in my weight and race strategy.
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