Sunday, September 11, 2011

Training - Week 16 - Week 14 of Marathon Training - Sunday Long Run - My own MRI Half Marathon Run

Yesterday I had plans to run the Clinton Half Marathon, but due to my MRI I was not able to run. This morning I got out for a run mid morning after a long night of Ava waking up. I was scheduled for 13 miles and this is my last long run as I begin to taper for the marathon in 2 weeks. My legs were a little tired and I did not feel the greatest with my allergies and minor head cold.

I set out at a decent pace running mile 1 in 8:00. Around mile 2 or 3 I decided that I wanted to turn this into my very own race. I came up with the name

Inaugural Maurer MRI Half Marathon Madness Run

About mile 3 I decided that since I was not able to run yesterday there was no reason that I could not push myself and see if I could beat my half marathon time of 1:46 from a year ago. I also decided that this would be my last big push of a run and from here until race day scale back the pace to get used to my marathon pace time. I have been running way faster than my pace time and it is time to get accustomed mentally to running at a slower rate.

Before I scaled back my pace I wanted to push hard and hit a wall. I wanted to hit a wall and give myself a challenge to work through the pain and fatigue much like yesterday during my 3 mile run. I know I am going to hit some walls during the race. To achieve my goal it is going to come down to how I deal with the walls and setbacks along the way.

I was not able to push as hard as last weekend when I ran the 12 miles at a 7:45 pace, but I still held my own.

Mile 2: 7:51
Mile 3: 8:08
Mile 4: 8:11
Mile 5: 8:07
Mile 6: 8:06
Mile 7: 7:52
Mile 8: 7:48(halfway through this mile I had to stop for traffic and that about killed me getting back on pace)
Mile 9: 7:33
Mile 10: 7:43

Mile 10 is where I hit a major wall. It smacked me so hard in the face. I really struggled to fight through the last three miles. My legs were tired, I felt hot, and my mind started to doubt finishing the last three miles. I had to fight like crazy to keep going.

Mile 11: 7:54
Mile 12: 8:13
Mile 13: 8:14

Right around the last .1 of a mile I thought I was going to puke. It was right at my throat. I went to mile 13 and called it to be safe. What was .2 miles really going to do for me?

I finished the 13 miles in 1:43. 3 minutes faster than my PR of 1:46. Add to my time about another 1 minute or so for the last .2 to make it official. I was able to beat my goal. I know it is not an official race, but it was a great test for my mind and body. This lets me know that I have improved. If I had been in a real race I know I would have ran even faster. This run today really helped alleviate some more self doubt. I am slowly getting my mind dialed in for this race that is exactly 2 weeks away. I cannot wait, but I am nervous like no other.

Today I am going to order my race shirt from Live Uncommon and spend the next two weeks getting this body in prime shape for the 26 miles that lay ahead. I cannot wait.

The official race results for the

Inaugural Maurer MRI Half Marathon Madness Run

Total Runners: 1
1st Place Finish: Aaron Maurer
Course Record: 1:43:47

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