Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Pleasure of Spelling Tests

Let me explain how much our family does not look forward to Thursday nights when we must work like mad to ensure my son can at least spell most of his spelling words. Check the picture to gain a sense of the party like atmosphere we have when practicing spelling.

What I have found to work or I should say Amanda has found is to practice spelling on the iPad using a simple drawing app or just typing the words as if he is searching for an app. This alleviates some headache, but we don't go to that step until he has practiced writing them out by hand........and we all know how much boys love the fine motor skills needed to write properly.

Typically we also have a book to read and math worksheets to complete as well on Thursdays. He can breeze through the math, but man does spelling just send us to a whole new world of tears, frustrations, and anger. To make things more frustrating is that I cannot seem to find any research supporting spelling tests. Is is just simple rote memorization because I have a hard time believing that if I gave him a test over all the words we have studied so far that he would actually pass. It is not that he lacks intelligence, but it just does not follow a logical procedure like math.

Thank goodness Friday is almost here.

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