Monday, November 21, 2011

Training - Monday Swim

Here I am training for my 13th day in a row. My shoulders are sore from the swim class yesterday, but I wanted to get a swim in today because looking at my schedule for the week I don't know if I will have time to access a pool other than today. Despite being tired this morning I made my way to the pool and had a great workout session.

I swam 5 laps to warm up working on swimming slow and just focusing on my breathing and technique. I was trying to think about all things from the swim class yesterday. There is a lot to think about, but taking things one at a time really helps. Trying to put them all together is another story.

After my warm-up I put on fins for the first time to work on my kick. The fins really do help work on proper technique. I swam in the streamline position nice and easy just focusing on my kick. I am trying to drill it in my brain how to kick. I realize that the minute I add my arms into the mix my kick completely falls apart.

I also worked on swimming with the pull buoy this morning. I was trying to work on rotating my core along with my arms while swimming. I don't know if I was doing it right or not, but I know that I need more rotation in my body.

I also worked on the shark fin drill and the 6 kick drill. Between all the drills I swam regular to assess how I was doing. I noticed that when I get tired(which happens quickly) everything falls apart fast.

I did finish up the 40 lengths in about 30 minutes which is super fast compared to my previous times. I think my breathing and stamina is slowly improving. I stopped after 40 lengths because I know my shoulders need a rest.

After swimming I lift a few weights. Nothing much, but I did work a few sets of 10-12 on DB chest, DB incline bench, and bicep curls. I called it a day quickly as it was time to get home for the day.

Another great workout. I sure hope my weight has dropped some with the week I had. My weight has been going up the last few weeks, but I have done a much better job eating and obviously I have done more training than usual. Tomorrow the scale will let me know.

I plan on training by running with the Crazies tomorrow and something else on Wednesday before taking Thursday and Friday off. Those two days of rest will be well earned.
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