Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Training - Tuesday Run With Crazies

I woke up this morning very sore. I was sore from two days of swimming. This body is not used to swimming and to go back to back days was bound to catch up to me. My knees and feet were also aching from the Living History Farms race and baskeball Sunday. I am glad I had the others to meet with because it would have been easy to skip this workout this morning. It really helps to have that support system built in where you feel like your letting down others and yourself by not showing up.

We met at BMS and four of us took off for a 6 mile course. We started off at around a 8:14 pace and just continued to pick up the pace. I am not sure why we kept running faster but we did. To be honest, it felt good to run a little faster. My body really found a nice stride this morning and the run worked out my aches and pains. We did not plan on running at this rate, but it sure was a nice push. Our mile splits continued to go down in time as mile 2 was 8:01, mile 3 7:41, mile 4 7:35, mile 5 7:31, and mile 6 coming in at 7:38. We were able to hold conversation so maybe it was not as fast as it seemed. Perhaps subconciously we all wanted an extra calorie burn knowing Thanksgiving will be here in a couple days. We finished the 6 miles in 46:49 for 7:47 pace.

The weather was not too bad. Temperature was fine, but we did have a light mist the whole run. It won't be long when that mist is snow. Great work Crazies and I will look forward to another run with you guys next week.

I have plans to workout tomorrow and then take two days off. My body needs a break. It is feeling really good, but if I don't give it time to just rest, then this feeling will turn sour fast.

I also did my weekly weigh in this morning. I was much more focused on my eating this week. I mentioned in a previous post that I was hoping to drop some weight after the week of training I had and the closer eye on the foods I have been eating. After gaining weight for three weeks I am happy to report that I dropped several pounds. I am actually the lowest weight I have been since I started charting back in June. My goal is not to lose weight. That is not my intentions at all with my training. My goals are to stay active and work on technique and strength over the winter months as I begin to pursue the world of triathlons. I have my eyes on completing either a half or full Ironman/Rev3 sometime next fall. Right now it is about gradual improvements in skill and technique. However, with that being said I don't want to gain a lot of weight. I need to maintain. After seeing my weight go up for three weeks I knew something needed to change. I worked on my mental toughness with my eating - I still had a free eat day on the weekend - and it worked out. It is nice to see results when you work hard.

Off for coffee and oatmeal. I am home with a sick child today. Strep throat and the flue are running rampant at both my school and here at home. Ava has finally recovered, but Aiden has now been the next victim. Sometimes staying home with three kids is double the work of being at school.

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