Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Triathlon Training: Week 1 - Tuesday Run

The plan today called for a 25 or 30 minute run. I am not one that can run by time so I set out to do my course that I have been running with the Crazies the last few weeks. This is a 6 mile run and this morning it took me 51:22 for a 8:33 mile pace to complete. I know this is way over the scheduled run time, but I have been running all year so I don't think any harm will come to me running my typical run schedule until the distance and intensity picks up later in the training.

I headed over to BMS to see if anyone was up for a run. At about 5:05 I realized it was just going to be me so I strapped on my headphones and headed out. I decided to run the course in the opposite direction today. This was not a smart move because the wind was blowing right at me and that wind tore right through my clothes. I started off slow on mile 1 running 8:55 because my body just could not get loose and warmed up. It was cold. I had on a long sleeve Under Armour, another long sleeve shirt, and a hooded sweatshirt and I never really got too warm. I am one who heats up fast.

I kept the run nice and easy the whole time with my fastest mile at 8:07 on mile 5. My body just was not up to par today. My legs were tired. The swim workout and the two sets of squats yesterday really took it out of my legs. My stomach has been on edge the last few days so the whole time I was running I was thinking and praying my stomach would not explode! I think due to the cold and not really warming up the way I thought I would my Achilles were tender.

Despite my aches and the cold it sure felt nice to get a good run in today. I was glad I took off and did not go back home(which I thought about). It had been one week since I had ran last so it was good to be back. Not sure how much longer I will be running out in this wind and cold. I don't mind the cold, but the wind is brutal.

Happy Tuesday. Keep working hard towards your goals and stay positive.

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