Sunday, January 22, 2012

Triathlon Training: Week 8 - Late Sunday Night Brick Workout

This post is going to be short and to the point as it is past 10 pm and past my bedtime.

I had one last workout to get in to complete all my training for Week 8. I had a brick workout. I had planned to get up early and do this training before the family woke up. However, I developed a major headache/sinus infection last night and just killed. I slept in until 8 am and scrambled all day getting things ready for the week.

Around 7:45 I was able to find time to jump on the bike. Amanda and I picked up a treadmill tonight from a coworker of hers so I was able to run on the treadmill. It was nice to have Amanda running along my side tonight during my bike ride.

Here was the workout on hand.


I took things easy on the bike. My lower back has been killing me lately. I rode on the big gear up front and middle on the back(my preferred setting).

In 90 minutes I knocked out 31.09 miles for an avg speed of 20.7 and avg. HR of 94 which was perfect for my training tonight.

I finished the bike at 9:26 transitioned to the treadmill and started running at 9:31. In 30 minutes I was able to run 3.41 miles for a 8:48 pace and avg. HR of 134. I ran nice and easy being my first time doing a brick workout. I felt really good.

This was a perfect end to a great week of workouts. I feel good and am off to bed as I am up early for a serious swim workout.

GETTING IT DONE! no matter what time of time.

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