Wednesday, February 29, 2012

137 Days - Another Big Swim Workout - 20 x 75 @ T-Pace or Faster

I woke up this morning not motivated. I just kept laying in bed. It was one of those mornings when you don't feel like moving or going back to sleep, but just wanting to lay there and do nothing. I finally go around to getting up because I could not remember my T-Pace for the 75 yard distance. Due to being short on time from laying in bed I took some guesstimates. My 100 T-Pace is 1:40(even though I swim my 100's at 1:30 or faster) so I modified thinking my T-Pace for 75"s should be 75 seconds or 25 seconds each 25. After my warm-up I realized that was way too slow for a decent workout and moved it up to 70 seconds. This worked much better. I think it is time for me to re-test my swim times and find new measures on my T-Pace. I have made some major gains and I think I need to dial in where I should be swimming a little more accurately.

Despite all this I completed another great workout. Here is the breakdown.

200 Free @ 3:44 - I was sore at the shoulders and just felt tight throughout the whole 200

4 x 200 (25 right, left, 150 build)
Set 1 @ 3:38 - Slowly starting to warm up and feel ready for the swim workout
Set 2 @ 3:34 - Really working on form and grabbing the water
Set 3 @ 3:30 - ditto
Set 4 @ 3:28 - ready to rock the main set

Main Set

20 x 75 with 20 sec RI

Sets 1 - 4 @ T-Pace(1:10) - 1:10, 1:09, 1:10, 1:11 - I felt good on all the sets. I thought about cranking up the pace, but reminded myself I still had 16 more sets. I was happy to hit my stride on all four

Sets 5 - 8 @ T-Pace - :02 (1:08) - 1:06, 1:07, 1:06, 1:07 - I was slightly under the 1:08, but I was not sure how to gauge an extra second. I was not too worried and was glad to be under rather than over. I was breathing pretty good during these sets. It was tough going every 20 seconds.

Sets 9 - 12 @ T-Pace - 1:10, 1:09, 1:09, 1:10 - Hit all my marks and was happy

Sets 13 - 16 @ T-Pace - :03 (1:07) - my watch went full with data as I did not clear out my previous workouts, but I was making good times on these. I know for sure I hit every single one at 1:02 - 1:05. I was tired by the end of these sets, but knew I was about done.

Sets 17 - 20 @ T-Pace - hit all marks at 1:09-1:10. My legs were sinking, but kept pushing through. Felt good to accomplish this workout

Cool Down - 300 yards - I changed the cool down from what was planned to work on some leg technique

100 kick on back with fins
100 pull really focusing on reaching and rolling
100 kick with board

I finished this workout in under 60 minutes for 2800 yards of swimming. I was very happy with my results. My knee was still tender from the bike ride, but showed no discomfort during the swim only while walking.

Tonight my only goal is to get in TRX and push-ups. NO EXCUSES! I also weighed myself today after forgetting yesterday on my typical weigh in day. I had put on about 3 lbs. I attribute the weight gain to a big training load last week. It will be interesting to see how this week of eating healthy(trying to) works out for me.
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