Thursday, March 1, 2012

136 Days - Thursday Run With Crazies

Yep, another great run this morning. This felt very easy which is what I needed. My body was just in the mood for a nice easy run and this was what we accomplished. Chad and Brian jumped out ahead, but I knew my body enough to know that I needed to keep things back a little bit. I feel fantastic after this run. Great weather and another great group of CRAZIES.

At this stage in my training I really want to get after things, but I know that starting to push too early will not help me achieve my goals. After spring break I will begin to implement a track workout once a week along with a good tempo/negative split run and a long run. This will help with my speed and getting my body ready. I keep reading more and more about how important it is to make sure you leave some in the tank for the running portion of the Ironman. Many jump out and swim too fast and bike too hard to only leave themselves walking on the run. I want to get my running dialed in. I want to get some tough workouts in where I am pushing beyond my race pace so my legs can learn to adapt to tough conditions.

I look forward to adding the track workouts even though I know how tough they are going to be. It will be a nice change of pace and help to get us ready to rock and roll as we all have goals to accomplish.

Last night I was able to get my push-ups in, but I failed on TRX. It was just not destined to happen. I felt really tired. I crashed and slept around 8:30 or so and was out like a light. It has been a very hectic week with many changes and things happening with teaching job. Spring Break will be a nice time to get away, recharge the batteries, and turn the crank on training. I also know my body is in need of rest and I keep telling myself to just get through next week. I will have time to rest on the beach. I have not had a full day of rest since Feb. 4th so I know I am overdo. The body feels good so I know I am not doing too much, but the mind could use a day off.

Bike workouts today and back to the pool tomorrow. I have another Endurance workout planned for the pool so I will need my A game tomorrow. Have a great Thursday!
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