Wednesday, March 21, 2012

116 Days - Wednesday Night Solo Bike Ride

I needed to get a bike ride in as I neglected the bike the last two days. I made myself commit to getting out on the roads. I really wanted to do the group ride that Trek offers, but Amanda had to tutor so I was home with the kids. As soon as she got home around 5:40 I headed out before it got too dark. My goal was to get in 90 minutes of riding. I headed out to PV Junior High to battle the hilly roads to work my legs and see where that would take me. I made sure to wear my brightest shirt which is my red Live Uncommon tank from last year.

I made my way to PV Junior High in a little over a half hour and decided to tackle Wisconsin Street. I kept riding thinking I knew where I was, but after about 2 miles I knew I had no idea where I was so I headed back to repeat the route I just completed. The hills were a good workout. I don't know how to rank the hills in comparison to other routes, but I definitely got a good workout in.


The hills on Forest Grove all the way out to the Junior High were a killer workout. I really had to drive with some leg power.

I felt 100 times better on the bike compared to Sunday. I was able to stay in the drops without much back pain and really get after the hills. My right calf came close to seizing up a few times from cramping this morning in the pool.

I made my way back to the end of Forest Grove and still had about 13 minutes left so I changed course, rode up 56th street, connected to 53rd out to the roundabout and then headed back home from Tanglefoot.

It was a great ride. I was so glad to get it in. I found it quite peaceful when I was on the country roads and not worrying about city traffic. I will need to get another one of these rides in again this week before getting after a long ride this weekend.

Despite being bummed about missing the group ride I ended up ending my day with a great ride. I am slowly building up some confidence on the bike. It is definitely my weakest link. Once I gain some confidence on the bike, then I need to start thinking about brick workouts because I need to practice running with jelly legs.

Here are the bike stats

I am off to bed to get ready for the 6B46 group run tomorrow.
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