Thursday, March 22, 2012

115 Days Remaining - 10 CRAZIES **NEW RECORD**.....6B46 Is Going BIG!!

10 Runners this morning showed up to embark on a run with the regular crew of CRAZIES. We had rain, but that did not take away from the dedication to GETTING IT DONE by waking up early and rising to the challenge. With 10 runners and some new ones we took to the roads to complete what I call our CRAZIES Course as we typically run this route at least one of the two days. Tuesday we ran a challenging little course so this was a nice flat run.

This morning Chad, Katie, Jane, Brian, Phil, Katharine, Emily, Jane, Ben, and myself assembled for our run. This run also marked the first that females were the same in attendance as males. Emily who has joined Live Uncommon woke up early to run with us. It was great putting a face to the name. Jane Paul joined us this morning. Not sure if she broke a sweat, but what a honor to have so many amazing runners in the crowd. Talking with Chad we were stating how crazy it is to be surrounded by fantastic runners like Jane, Jen, and Katie who just tear up running. Towards the end of the run as we picked up the pace Jen and Jane just talked like we were walking. One day I hope to get to that point.

My right calf was super tight this morning. It was sore from cramping so bad in the pool yesterday and the bike ride last night. It did not take away from me being able to run, but it was tender. After about a mile it loosened up, but as soon as I stopped running it seized back up.

I was very happy with this run. The second half of this run I decided to pick up the pace. I am trying to get to a point where I can run faster longer. I don't know how to properly do it so I am just taking one small step at a time. I felt good again today. Towards the end of the run I was running sub 7 minutes and felt good. It did not feel very difficult. Breathing was smooth and very relaxed. My legs were tired so I just had to work through pushing through the leg fatigue. My running is feeling good lately. I hope to make progress each week and be ready to catch some people on the run in my tri races.

This weekend I will head out with a group(still in progress) for a long run. I don't plan on running this fast at all. I will take it nice and easy so I don't overdo it in my training. Some of the people I run with need to get in 15 miles for their training so I will aim to do that. I look forward to a great weekend of training.

Thank you to everyone who gave a few extra hours of sleep to come join us. Having 10 runners this morning was awesome! I look forward to watching this group grow.
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