Sunday, March 18, 2012

119 Days - Jamaica Vacation Training Totals and Sunday Afternoon Bike Ride

For my first post pertaining to Jamaica I am going to just share my training. I did not train too much, but I did get off the beach chair and get some training done.

P1000973I had purchased a GPS swim device that straps to goggles to track open water swimming. I had it all charged and ready to go, but my first morning in Jamaica I gave it a try and found the battery dead. It somehow turned on during the flight and worn the battery out. I was very mad. Not a great way to start my vacation. I woke up early Tuesday morning and headed to the ocean around 7 am to perform my first open water swim workout. This did not turn out to be a very long workout. First, I was mad because I had no way of gauging how far  I was swimming. Second, I panicked in the water. I jumped in and started swimming. The water was warm and calm with no waves. However, I started looking around and just froze thinking something was going to get me. I was so out of my element. I then gagged on some salt water and was thankful most people were still sleeping. I did swim a couple 100's based on my DPS calculations and then decided to just end it. I ran back up to my room changed clothes and went for a run instead.

P1000981My run was awesome. There is something so peaceful running along the ocean. There was 7 miles of beach and I ran 3 miles out and back. There was a really cool nature trail I ran on from beach to beach. The first time I was a little scared as there were Jamaicans sitting around offering weed and goodies. They were harmless, but it did catch me off guard. Running and just seeing beach was beautiful. Everyone was coming out raking the beach, prepping the stores and restaurants. It was awesome. Not sure how else to describe it. The first run I ran in my favorite pair of running shoes and I am pretty sure I ruined them with sand and water. I ran a pretty good pace. It was just perfect weather for running.

Wednesday I did not run as my knees were tender from running in the sand and my shoes were still soaked. I did go to the gym right on the beach and ride a bike. I rode a pretty cool stationary bike that allowed me to ride up a mountain. It was a tough workout. I biked 12 miles in 31:43 ascended 6600 feet and had an average HR of 144. I also lifted weights. Yes, that is right. I actually pumped up these weak muscles. It felt great. I need a beach with a gym here in Iowa. I had a great morning.

Thursday I ran again. I ran in my Five Fingers. My feet were sore and tender from walking barefoot or in sandals all the time. Once I got going the pain went away and I felt fine. It was much easier running in these shoes than my running shoes. However, after I finished my run my left foot flared up in pain. It has done nothing but get worse since Thursday. I am super angry with this stupid pain. I was not expecting setback from Jamaica with injury. Saturday I could barely walk. I hope that it will go away, but I am thinking running six miles on the beach practically barefoot is what triggered the pain.

My Thursday run was a little slower, but I did run sub 7:00 at the end. I was really hitting on all cylinders towards the end.


I always started each morning sitting on the beach to reserve our 8 chairs and sip on some delicious Jamaican coffee. After about 10-15 minutes I would run and always end by sitting on the beach for another 30 minutes or so before waking up Amanda for some monster breakfast. It was awesome.

Today(Sunday) I took my bike outside. I wanted to run, but with my foot hurting I decided not to do so. I rode 29 miles and it was so hard. The wind was against me the entire time. The bike path was packed with people. I really struggled to get my cadence and/or my speed up to where I ride on my trainer. My bike needs serious work or else my race times are going to suck. I have time to get it dialed in, but I must become more efficient my bike. My knees hurt super bad at the end of the ride along with my foot, but I am glad I got out and enjoyed the Iowa sunshine.

I got in some good workouts during this week of rest. I need to get my foot back on track and get things dialed in again. I have my workouts planned for the week and look forward to getting back to eating better, sleeping normal, and training hard. My swims were not recorded but I was constantly swimming in the ocean searching for starfish, stingrays, crabs, etc. We also snorkeled twice so I got some good fin kick workouts in while out checking coral and marine life. It was a great week. I wish I could head back to the islands. Maybe we can swing something next year to celebrate 10 years of marriage. It is back to reality now. Paying bills and hanging out with my awesome kids. I was able to knock out 12 miles of running, 41 miles on the bike, and swimming was unknown and one weight lifting session.

Here are some photos of Jamaica. Good times and congrats to my In Laws for 40 years of marriage. I hope that when we are married 40 years we can enjoy Jamaica!

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