Sunday, March 11, 2012

126 Days - End of Week Totals and Looking Forward To Some Rest(maybe)

That darn time change really spun my sleep out of control.

Last night I squeezed in a little power bike workout when the kids went to bed. I was so tired from cleaning and doing all sorts of little things to get ready for our vacation. It was hard cleaning and doing this and that when I just felt like hanging with the kids and watching basketball. But, the kids were outside enjoying the weather and I don't think they wanted to be with us anyways. After scrubbing the floors and debating going to bed I forced myself on the bike. I set out to get 4 workouts on the bike this week and I did not want to let myself down.

I just cranked on the bike and worked on a hard gear until I hit 15 miles. I was tired. My knees were tender from the run in the morning and from doing things all day. I knocked out 15 miles in 35 minutes and was glad I got on the bike.

However, as I was getting ready for bed and setting my alarm for a 4:30 wake up I realized that the time change messed things up and put that wake up call at about 3-4 hours of sleep. Not good.

My alarm went off around 5 am, but I did not move. I was sore and tired. My legs were fatigued from the bike ride just a few hours before.

Finally, around 6 am I got myself up. I was already an hour behind and knew I was not going to get in a 40 mile ride. I forced myself on the bike and started one of my Spinerval workouts. After about 20 minutes of shifting gears, standing, going high cadence, etc. my knees told me that 40 miles was not going to happen. Perhaps this was a good thing because amazingly so we still have tons of things to do today. This house is more organized and clean than ever before.

When I decided to pull the plug on the 40 mile ride I was around 15 miles into the workout so I just told myself to keep riding at least until I completed one hour. I was able to do just that. I completed 22.06 miles in 60 minutes.

My legs are tired, but I was able to get four workouts in on the bike with three workouts in three days.

Overall, this week was nothing amazing, but I had a great week totaling122.31 miles of training in 9 workouts. This is my third largest volume in a week since I started training.

I ended the week with 4 bike workouts for 96.12 miles
I ended the week with only 2 swim workouts for 3.2 miles
I ended the week with 3 run workouts for 22.99 miles

My training totals after 15 weeks

871.61 miles on the bike
321.76 miles on the road
52.95 miles in the water

Total Volume: 1245.85 miles

This blog will be empty for the next week as I head to vacation. It is going to be hard leaving my kids, but I know they are in great care with family and friends and being able to hang out at home.

Have a great Spring Break. I hope I am able to come back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated to get after my training. I also hope I don't become a complete slob and am able to get some runs and swims in. Most importantly I hope to come back and find that I finally have received some donations for all the causes of Live Uncommon Revolution with starting with the CASI St. Patrick's Day 5K Race. Just click on the link over in the sidebar.

Until I return, keep striving with your goals and GETTING IT DONE!

I just hope the beaches are as splendid as the Iowa beaches we ran by along the Mississippi River yesterday.
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