Friday, March 9, 2012

128 Days - Ditching Pool For Bike Workout

This morning I had to give up and sacrifice a swim workout for a bike workout. I skipped the last two nights of riding the bike. Being the last week in the quarter my week was a monster between Lego Robotics Parent Meeting and our ELP Showcase. I came home late from school both nights and crashed.

Last night Ava decided to get up like 4 times so my sleep was bad. I knew that if I "planned" on riding tonight it would not happen. There is too much to do and get done with our vacation only days away. I MUST get some bike rides in as I know I won't be on a bike for the next week.

This morning I made myself get on the bike and I completed the last of the Spinervals DVD's that I own that I have not tried yet. This might have been the toughest workout I have done. No joke! It was hard.

I completed Spinerval 14: Totally Time Trial. Here is what I knocked out bright and early at 4:30 in the morning after being awake since 3:15.

They call it the race of truth - athlete versus the stopwatch. There is no better measure of a cyclist's fitness. Perfect for any rider getting ready for a time trial or simply wanting to increase their lactate threshold!

After some warm up drills and few other things there was 4 x 15 minute bike sessions that were nothing but a butt whipping. I have never sweated so much in my life. It was great. I needed it.

That makes for two bike rides this week. I would like to get in two more before leaving Sunday. I have a long run tomorrow along with packing and getting the house ready. I hope to knock out maybe another ride tonight or tomorrow with a longer ride Sunday morning before we leave. Time is of the essence.
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