Thursday, March 8, 2012

Strava Website and App - Coffeechug Likes Strava

The other while browswing online I came across the app Strava which is also a website. I created an account because I want to participate in the Strava GU Challenge.

Here is the info about the challenge. Basically, I want to win some free GU, plain and simple.

GU 100,000 Mile Challenge

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    Until Challenge Starts
  • 2389
    Participants Entered
Let's run as many miles as we can March 9 to April 9.

Put your legs to the test with GU. From March 9 to April 9, rack up as many miles as you can. The more miles you run, the more awesome your prize will be. Hit 100 miles: 8 pack of Peanut Butter GU Energy Gel
Hit 150 miles: 8 pack of Roctane Ultra Endurance Energy Gel
Hit 200 Miles: Mixed box of 24 Energy Gels
Most importantly, if everybody in the challenge runs a combined 100,000 miles within the 31-day period, all participants will receive a special GU VIP card for discounts (up to 35% off) and special offers on so you can stock up for the season.
During the challenge, GU will randomly select 5 athletes who post inspiring photos and stories about their training to receive a special GU Gift Pack. All you have to do is post a photo or story about why you love running on the GU Facebook page.
So, I created an account and started loading up some of my runs and rides on the website to check out how it all works. I don't run with my phone so the app does not do much for me in terms of recording my data. However, the site works excellent with my Garmin data. I can simply export my data and Strava loads things up super fast and easy.

I don't really need another location to track my data. I already post my data on this blog, record on my Garmin Training Center and Dailymile. But, I find myself on this site more and more. I really like the layout of the data. Being a person who loves to analyze my data and also being competitive this site gives me my daily fix.

I took some screen shots of what the site offers.

Here is a layout of the run from today. I like how it automatically generates this for you. Yes, Garmin Training Center does the same thing, but Strava provides other key data in a better visual layout in my opinion.

I like how the mile splits are graphed. I enjoy looking at the elevation and all the other little details that serve as nothing more than additional data for me to explore.

This little graph shows how my speed changes as the elevation changes. This will be important later in the year when I start to tackle more hills in my training.

My favorite part of Strava is this piece of data. It constantly records your personal best of different distances. For example, today I thought we had just a typical run with nothing special. When I loaded the run into Strava I realized that the last push in the run created some new achievements in my half mile time. This was good to see that we did indeed push hard and maybe there was more to the workout than I thought. It also told me that this run was my 3rd fastest 10k time. That is what I like.

I just wanted to share my thoughts on Strava in case you are looking for something new with your data. I don't get anything for my little promotion so there is nothing behind this post other than I like to share things I like. I don't know if this site will replace anything that I currently use, but I do think it is one that I will continue to use to help look at my data in a different way.

Garmin Training Center records all my data from my watch which is the base of all data collection.

Dailymile I use to share my runs with my training friends and I really like the social aspect of that site.

My blog is the heart and soul of all I do so that is not going anywhere.

Strava satisfies the nerd in me and also keeps my personal competitive data at my fingertips.
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